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Month: October 2018

Sopranos Sitdown S03E12 – Amour Fou – Cut To Black

After a brief hiatus the boys from Cut To Black are back to discuss The Sopranos Season 3, Episode 12! Have no fear, we were just down in Puerto Rico with our massage therapist that was drinking us under the table and then we… well you know the rest. We have an email and some…

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Sopranos Sitdown S03E11 – Pine Barrens – Cut To Black

We made it! We are finally discussing Pine Barrens, thought of as one of the greatest Sopranos episodes ever! Chris and Paulie are lost in the woods, steaks go flying at people’s heads and of course that lovable Russian. But what does Jakob think about this episode? Being an entitled millenial that spouts off about…

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Sopranos Sitdown S03E10 – …To Save Us All from Satan’s Power – Cut To Black

It is never too early to get into the Christmas Spirit and it is especially timely for The Sopranos S03 Episode 10, “…To Save Us All from Satan’s Power”. Get your Santa hat and join Jim and Jakob as we meet some ghosts of Christmas past! What’s your opinion? Email us at or tweet…

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