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Month: September 2021

The Many Saints Of Newark Trailer 2 Breakdown & Reaction

Jim and Jakob get together to discuss the latest trailer for the upcoming Sopranos prequel film, “The Many Saints Of Newark”. We take this last opportunity to process our excitement and wonder at what this upcoming film will bring and our reactions to the lead up.

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The Last Duel (2021) | Trailer Reaction

“What’s this! I thought season 2 was over!” It is but we’re going to sneak out some content between seasons, starting with this quick take on the trailer for Ridley Scott’s new The Last Duel, coming out in October! We will most likely do a full episode on this film but since we’re between seasons…

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The Godfather CODA – Cut To Black: A Sopranos Sitdown

Jim has never seen The Godfather 3, so he might as well watch The Godfather CODA: The Death Of Michael Corleone which Francis Ford Coppola looks at as the definitive cut! The bastard stepchild of the Godfather trilogy is looking for redemption, does it deserve it? Please email us your thoughts at or tweet…

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Gone To The Dogs – “Westworld” Meets “Communism”

After a long break we can welcome you back to Blank Meets Blank where writing is easy and ideas are cheap! On this podcast we make up a new TV show every episode, starting with two random prompts from a hat and brainstorming our way to a pitch and a pilot. This time we drew…

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