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Anastasia (1997) | Fall of the House of Romanov (1917)

This is our PATREON’S CHOICE of Season 4 – a vote was put to our Patrons and Anastasia was the top pick! If you want to influence future topic selection, and get a Fabergé egg’s worth of bonus episodes for a mere 3 rubels, head to

Step into the fantastical world of animated royalty and historical intrigue as we take on the tall tale of Anastasia Romanov. Hold onto your tiaras, because this isn’t just a fairy tale – we’re diving deep into the tumultuous history of the Romanov dynasty and the seismic events that led to their downfall.

We can’t resist the allure of rewinding all the way to the origins of Russia as a country – trust us, it’s relevant! To grasp the significance of the Romanovs and their iron-fisted reign, we need to take a step back, since this royal house held absolute sway over the Russian Empire for an astounding 300 years. We’ll explore a complex web of political unrest, economic disparity, and social upheaval, uncovering the myriad factors that contributed to the Romanovs’ downfall.

But amidst the opulence and power, there’s a lingering mystery that has captured imaginations for decades – the conspiracy theory of Anastasia Romanov’s survival. We delve into the fascinating lore surrounding Anastasia’s alleged escape from the clutches of revolutionaries, and why relatively recent historical evidence debunks this myth. Join us as we go beyond the animation into the annals of history and uncover the truths, myths, and mysteries surrounding one of the most fascinating dynasties in European history.

Oh, and if you think we forgot about Rasputin, please stay tuned for next week. 😉