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Cobra Kai

S01E01 – “Ace Degenerate” – No Mercy – A Cobra Kai Kickback

Now that we have completed the “Karate Kid Trilogy” which is essentially the prequel to Cobra Kai, Jim and Jakob are ready to dive into the main series! We pick back up with Johnny Lawrence some 34 years after his devastating loss to Daniel Larusso in the All Valley Karate Tournament and we find that…

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“The Karate Kid Part III” – No Mercy: A Cobra Kai Kickback

What is it that they say? Third time is a charm? Maybe not so much for Mr. Miyagi and Daniel. Join Jakob and Jim as we revisit the Karate Kid Part 3, warts and all! Is there charm in mustache twirling, toxic waste dumping villain Terry Silver? Is the “Bad Boy of Karate” Mike Barnes…

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“The Karate Kid Part II” – No Mercy: A Cobra Kai Kickback

Our journey through The Karate Kid films continues as Jim and Jakob are whisked away to Okinawa with Miyagi and Daniel as we learn about Miyagi’s past and Daniel sparks some young love which all culminates in A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!? What’s your opinion? Email us at or tweet @showswhatuknow. Please subscribe and…

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“The Karate Kid” – No Mercy: A Cobra Kai Kickback

Jakob is representing Miyagi-Do Karate with his calm, cool and collective exterior that is bottling up some serious rage, while Jim is representing Cobra Kai with his temper flare ups and attitude that are a tough exterior to his sensitive core, they join together to find some balance and discuss THE KARATE KID UNIVERSE! Yes…

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