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Feed Drop: The Podcast About the Podcasts About Television

Hey history fans! My name is Jakob Burrows and, as you know, I don’t know anything about history, but I do know that production on Season 4 is in full swing and until it we’re able to launch it you’ll be able to find additional episodes at where we’ve most recently been putting out some pirate themed podcasts, going over our top 5 pirate women thorughout history and as well as Reel History After Dark where we covertly record in various pubs around Ireland, so to have a pint and some not entirely sober chats about history with us, go to

What I’m here to share today is a new project from Shows What You Know, helmed by myself and Jim Scampoli. We’ve done podcasts reviewing television shows for nearly a decade but in the past few years, actors have invaded the podcast scene, re-watching and reviewing their own TV shows. This is something Jim and I have been exploring thorugh investigative podcasting over the past few months and, in short, since our turf has been stepped on, we decided that the only reasonable response was to review these actors and their attempts at creating entertaining podcasts.

We call this The Podcast About the Podcasts About Television and I’m sharing the first episode here with you today – if you enjoy it, subscribe on your podcatcher or choice or go to to follow our first season. Enjoy!