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Hamilton (2015) | American Revolution (1776)

Welcome to episode 7 of Reel History ! Well this week we were eager to find out “how does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower-
Somehow defeat a global superpower?” 🤔

So naturally our gaze couldn’t help being drawn to the phenomenal smash hit “Hamilton – An American Musical” (2015) !

Who would ever dream of making a 46-song Broadway Musical about the adventurous life of the founding fathers’ “little lion of federalism” Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804)? Well award-winning playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda had that exact revelation when reading Ron Chernows biography of this almost neglected trail blazer.

To his enemies (and he had many) simply a “bastard brat of a scotch peddler” – Alexander was in fact a “young ,scrappy and hungry” pioneer of inexhaustible ability at the vanguard of the American revolutionary golden generation.

Happily this era also happens to be one of Mark’s most cherished subjects so we naturally couldn’t resist plunging head-first into the earth-shattering events of the entire period as we witness the birth and fledgling fortunes of this plucky (if flawed) young Republic.

The founding fathers famously thought that it was ridiculous for a continent to belong to an island. We touch on their fiery and brilliant ideals and lives (not to mention duels ⚔) from the imperious Washington to the much maligned “American Cataline” Aaron Burr. Oh and in case you forgot he’s the ´damn fool that shot him’!

So kick back and prepare to face off against Britain’s king George as we remember that “when push comes to shove” he will “kill your friends and family to remind you” of his love. 👑😂

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“Founding Brothers – The Revolutionary Generation” by Joseph J. Ellis
“Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow
“1776” by David McCullough.