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HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast | TPATPAT

We’re halfway through season 2 of TPATPAT and after a Jim Scampoli tour de force (two Friday Night Lights podcasts, two Full House podcasts, one Saved by the Bell podcast) we’re reviewing a podcast about a more modern show, which both hosts have actually watched. HBO’s The Last of Us podcast isn’t a nostalgic rewatch show but rather part of the official marketing material released alongside The Last of Us season 1. It features the makers of both the game and the TV show, as well as the actor who voiced Joel, and in our discussion we’re honing in on the much lauded episode 3 — yes, the Nick Offerman one. Join us to learn how the pedigree of this podcast connects both to the wonderful Breaking Bad Insider Podcast and the more questionable genre of Talking Dead spinoffs!

HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast

The official companion podcast for the new HBO Original series The Last of Us, based on the critically acclaimed video game of the same name. Each week, join Host Troy Baker (who played Joel in the video game) as he breaks down episodes of the TV series with Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. Together they’ll dive into key moments and reveal behind the scenes stories from the making of this action survival series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.