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Hey Dude… The 90s Called! – The Podcast About The Podcasts About Television

The podcasters lived in relative peace, within their own world… This was before the dark times, when the actors invaded!

Welcome to Episode 5 of TPATPAT, where Jim introduces Jakob to 90s America through the lens of the 80s Nickelodeon TV show Hey Dude! This is a TV rewatch podcast that isn’t really a TV rewatch podcast? Even thoough it has the show name in the title, they are clearly ashamed of those humble roots and are merely using this original Nickelodeon sitcom to launch their nostalgic discussions on the 90s themselves. This discussion we focus one of their fist episodes “Back At The Ranch” that does bring in some Hey Dude alumni as they discuss making the show, the effects and behind the scenes gossip. This show is hosted by David Lascher and Christine Taylor, who may know a thing or two about acting, but are about to get schooled by podcast experts JIM AND JAKOB!

Hey Dude… The 90s Called!

Break out your slip dresses, choker necklaces and throw your hair in a butterfly clip because we’re taking you back to the 90’s!

David Lascher and Christine Taylor, stars of the cult classic show ‘Hey Dude’ are going full rewind to the 90’s in their new podcast also titled…‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’.

So grab your Motorola brick phone and leave a code on your best friend’s beeper so you can figure out which Spice Girl you both are, because you won’t want to be left Clueless when the nostalgia starts flowing like a Hi-C Ecto-Cooler juice box. The ‘Hey Dude’ podcast will be chock full of interviews, co-stars, friends, cocktails and crushes. Each episode will rival the feeling of taking out the cartridge from your Gameboy, blowing on it and popping it back in.

Best of all it’s available anywhere you get podcasts so you don’t have to worry about showing up to Blockbuster to find out you missed the last one. The ‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’ podcast…more fun than frosted tips and Fun Dip.