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It’s Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights & Beyond – STATE | TPATPAT

The boys at TPATPAT are back! Apologies for the long hiatus but editing and uploading from a bunker is not all that it is cracked up to be. The TV Podcast industry is hot on my trail, but I am here to grace you with a new episode! This time we are here to discuss a Friday Night Lights Rewatch show hosted by original QB1 Jason Street (Scott Porter), fill-in QB1 Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) and Anne from Arrested Development Mae Whitman(her?). Join Jim and his trusty AI Jakob as they watch, listen and discuss:

It’s Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights And Beyond

Hut-Hut! Join Friday Night Lights co-stars Scott Porter (aka Jason Street), Zach Gilford (aka Matt Saracen), and FNL superfan Mae Whitman every Thursday for It’s Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights and Beyond. Relive the glory days as the group discusses their favorite moments and memories, share never before told stories, and answer your questions! Throughout the show Scott, Zach, and Mae will break down episodes of Friday Night Lights, giving exclusive behind the scenes stories, as well as the latest going on in their lives today beyond FNL. Plus, fun segments, challenge flags, and featured guests from fellow cast members to close friends and colleagues who have been influenced by the show. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, CAN’T LOSE!!