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Outlaw King (2018) | Robert the Bruce at War (1304)

Welcome to episode nine of Reel History: Shows What You Know About Braveheart! Join us as we delve into 14th Century Britain and come to terms with the feudal struggle between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. How can a man falling off a horse lead to decades of bloodshed? How does Robert the Bruce go from Earl of Carrick to become first a folk hero and then a national icon?

Feudal Britain is brought to life in this Netflix medieval epic, pitting Edward Longshanks “The Hammer of Scots,” and his apparently lunatic son against the resisting Scotland in a winner takes all battle for supremacy in the north. Join as we dissect Chris Pine’s role playing the legendary Outlaw King, Robert the Bruce.

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“Robert the Bruce: King of Scots” by Ronald McNair Scot
“A Great and Terrible King – Edward I and the Forging of Britain” by Marc Morris