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Parks and Recollection – S4E1 “I’m Leslie Knope” – TPATPAT

If you loved Office Ladies, then you just might KINDA LIKE Parks and Recollection! That’s right another NBC sitcom rewatch podcast that has some middling success, but not quite enough to keep original hosts Rob Lowe and Alan Yang. That is relevant as the podcast episode we are covering S4E1: I’m Leslie Knope is the one that features Lowe and Yang handing the hosting reigns over to Jim O’Heir (Jerry Gergich himself!) and writer/script coordinator Greg Levine.

Can “Parks and Recollection” live up to the QUEEN BEE of TV rewatch podcasts Office Ladies? Tune in to find out!

Parks And Recollection

Parks and Recollection returns with two new hosts! Jim O’Heir (yes, Jerry Gergich himself!) and Greg Levine (writer/script coordinator) usher in a new era of this podcast that recaps each episode of the beloved comedy series Parks and Recreation. Guests like Rob Lowe, Chelsea Peretti, and Jason Mantzoukas stop by to give listeners a look behind the scenes, from writing the script to rolling the cameras. It’s literally the best Parks and Rec podcast in the world. Go ahead, treat yo’ self!