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Bonus Episode: Pirate Mythbusting!

Parrots, peg legs, jolly rogers and rum! Join us for a Patreon Preview that explains which of these tropes have a basis in reality and which are utter parrot’s guano. This is a preview and you can find the full bonus episode at

Our Patreon has bonus episodes to go along with our main show; you can think of these as the director’s cut, as they cover topics we didn’t have time for on the main feed. So for example, for the first episode of season 4, Pirates of the Caribbean, we actually created TWO bonus episodes, each one hour long, and today we’re sharing part of one of these. On our Patreon you can also find our discussion on the Top 5 Pirate Women in history.

Please enjoy some extra pirate content, and we’ll see you back here with a regular episode on Thursday. Yarr!