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Chime Attack Adventure – Saved by the Bell Meets Crunchyroll

The bell has not chimed for 100 years, not until an unlikely group of high school students climb the clock tower. Now the spirits engraved on the bell are loose and it’s up to those students to put them back – with the help of Chime, the boy from the past who trapped them last time.

Animation is easy and waifus are cheap! Time to make an anime in episode 4 of Blank Meets Blank. We pull classic children’s sitcom Saved by the Bell and combine it with Crunchyroll, the anime streaming service – allowing us to pick and choose anime tropes at our leisure. We end up with a slice of life high school adventure comedy called Chime Attack Adventure! Don’t let the Cerberus eat your homework, and remember to rate and review Blank Meets Blank on Apple Podcasts.

Next episode will be the last before we take our mid-season break to produce the next five episodes of Blank Meets Blank! We’d really appreciate you telling a friend and spreading the word while we’re on break.