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Sopranos Sitdown S06E21 – “Made In America” – Cut To Black

We have finally done it, we have made it to the end. Jakob Burrows can now say that he has seen every single episode of “The Sopranos”, he can no longer be spoiled and he wants to shout it from the rooftops! How deserving that our discussion of the series finale “Made In America” is our longest podcast yet, so kick back, order some onion rings for the table and keep an eye on your 3 o’clock as Jim and Jakob break down this final CUT TO BLACK.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t stop here! We will be checking back in with a full series overview and also discussing some tangential media in the context of The Sopranos! So please email us your thoughts at or tweet @showswhatuknow. Please subscribe and review on iTunes and remember to spread the word to your Sopranos-loving friends – or maybe Sopranos newcomers like Jakob? For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and Them and for more from Jakob Burrows check out Awesomepedia.