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episode 6

S01E06 – “Pax Soprana” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are back this week with episode 6 of Season 1 of “The Sopranos”, titled Pax Soprana. This episode reels things in a bit after the small detour we took with Episode 5 “College” as the show re-introduces the Jersey drama between Tony and Uncle Junior and we learn a lot about Tony Soprano’s erections….

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Westworld S01E06: The Adversary

Thandie Newton steals the show in episode 6 of Westworld! Bernard meanwhile seems to have lowered his own bulk apperception and Teddy turned his “dark past” up to eleven… Listen to this week’s new Westworld podcast and join us in a world of fake plastic trees with a fabulous motion picture soundtrack! We spoil everything…

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