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sci fi

Altered Carbon Pilot Breakdown and Review

Jakob and Jim get a small taste of the new Netflix sci-fi totally not Blade Runner epic ALTERED CARBON! Undercover Swede Joel Kinnaman stars in this new show that posits a world where your whole consciousness lives on a disc and can be swapped out into different sleeves essentially letting you live forever. Sounds great…

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Westworld S01E01: The Original

I know we said our next episode would be finishing up season 2 of Mr. Robot but before we get there, we are back with a breakdown of the first episode of new buzzed about HBO show Westworld! This show has the pressure of being the new Game of Thrones before Game Of Thrones is…

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Westworld Trailer

We find ourselves at a crossroads, we are at a very vulnerable time in our TV watching lives. Game Of Thrones is done for the year and we have an empty hole in our souls, this is the perfect time for some high concept new show to try to swoop in and catch us on…

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