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Sopranos Sitdown S06E02 – “Join The Club” – Cut To Black

Who am I? That is the question that Tony Soprano is currently grasping with as he lays in a hospital bed with a gun shot wound to the gut, meanwhile the other Tony is stuck in Costa Mesa with someone else’s life (or briefcase). This is the beginning of the end and death is all…

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S01E10 – “A Hit Is a Hit” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We’re off on another detour in episode ten of the Sopranos. Not a bad episode, but doesn’t it feel like it belongs earlier in the season? The stakes have go down a bit from familial death threats to Adriana’s presumptive career in the music business! But who doesn’t love spending time with Adriana and Christopher?…

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S01E06 – “Pax Soprana” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are back this week with episode 6 of Season 1 of “The Sopranos”, titled Pax Soprana. This episode reels things in a bit after the small detour we took with Episode 5 “College” as the show re-introduces the Jersey drama between Tony and Uncle Junior and we learn a lot about Tony Soprano’s erections….

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S01E01 – “The Sopranos” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

What more could be said about The Sopranos? Well, frankly quite a bit! Join seasoned Sopranos vet Jim Scampoli and Sopranos virgin (yes they exist) Jakob Burrows as they embark on a journey through all 6 seasons of The Sopranos starting with episode 1. Whether you have seen them all multiple times or you are…

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