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Gone To The Dogs – “Westworld” Meets “Communism”

After a long break we can welcome you back to Blank Meets Blank where writing is easy and ideas are cheap! On this podcast we make up a new TV show every episode, starting with two random prompts from a hat and brainstorming our way to a pitch and a pilot.

This time we drew “Westworld” and “Communism” and struggled to mash them together until we ended up with a simple story about a robot and a dog.

A city of oil and metal gleams in the desert. Aristocratic analyst A.I.s rule with corrupted logic centres, directing the robot population. Humans are barely a memory. Deep under the gleaming metal spires, mining robot KRL makes an unusual find; a frozen creature. Not only is this pup the last of its kind, it’s also straight-up adorable!