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Full House Rewind – Dave Coulier & Jeff Franklin Remember Bob Saget – TPATPAT

You thought you took us out, you thought you won, but this war rages on! Yes, Jim is back and Jakob is sort of back and they are soldiering on and continuing to listen and review TV Rewatch podcasts! They tried to take us out, so that means we can’t stop and we are onto something big. Season 2 is here and the boys have stumbled upon a potential podcast war in the making as we discuss the first of TWO new Full House rewatch podcasts. First up is Dave Coulier’s Full House rewatch show which appears to be more of a Youtube, video driven podcast and next episode we will discuss “How Rude, Tanneritos” the Jodie Sweeten and Andrea Barber Full House rewatch podcast.

Full House Rewind

You got it, dude! Grab your scrunchies and your windbreakers because we’re taking a trip through the 80s and 90s for the first-ever Full House rewatch podcast! Join beloved Director, Actor, Comedian and Television Host Dave Coulier (“Joey Gladstone”) as he reminisces on what it was like to grow up with your favorite TV family. From Uncle Jesse’s hair to Michelle’s attitude, relive some of the most hilarious and heartfelt moments with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from VERY special guests. Full House Rewind will have a variety show feel with recurring segments and bits that along the way explore different family dynamics and relationships and how deeply the show impacted their own. Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning or you’re watching “Full House” for the first time, there’s room for you in our home!