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Made Women: A Sopranos Rewatch/Gangster Goddess Broad-Cast – The Podcast About The Podcasts About Television

Welcome to episode 3 of “The Podcast About the Podcasts About Television” where we delve into the torride tale of Drea De Matteo trying to launch some sort of Sopranos podcast! Jim and Jakob learn that it isn’t just as easy as coasting on your celebrity and star status and simply launching a rewatch podcast of the show you are starred on. It takes commitment and timing, two things that seemed to crash and burn around the Adriana actress as she first launched her show in the shadow of Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa’s “Talking Sopranos”.

It seems between being edged out of the initial Sopranos rewatch market there were also some issues with the podcast network they initially launched with, as a short time later, Drea and her close friend and entrepeneur Chris Kushner attempted to launch another Sopranos podcast on their own entitled Gangster Goddess. Jim and Jakob have done the leg work and bring your the crash and burn of both endeavors on the latest TPATPAT!

Made Women: A Sopranos Rewatch Podcast

Actor and Sopranos star, Drea De Matteo and her close friend, entrepreneur & New Jersey native Chris Kushner, invite listeners into the ultimate inner circle. Made Women: A Sopranos Re-Watch Podcast takes listeners deep inside the mafioso world of television’s most iconic crime drama. Head back to the New Jersey Turnpike with De Matteo and Kushner as they unpack the series episode by episode, expertly bringing the show into the present era by relating its themes to their real lives and giving exclusive insider input, stories from behind the scenes, special guests, and so much more. Made Women is a Cavalry Audio Production.

And from the ashes of Made Women: A Sopranos Rewatch Podcast, rose

Gangster Goddess Broad-cast

Get insider Sopranos and showbiz scoop with actor Drea De Matteo and long time friend Chris Kushner as they explore real stories from Sopranos episodes with special guests about how they made it big, fell on tough times, got busted, and readjusted. Listen to candid conversations about life on the set, love behind the scenes, laughter, and hardships. More than just a re-watch-along-show, these Gangster Goddesses take you down the path of the strong, resilient, free-thinking gangster mentality to help you start living by your own rules.