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Reel History Season 3 Finale

** Visit PATREON.COM/REELHISTORYPODCAST for exclusive bonus podcasts between seasons ***

Welcome to the finale of Season 3 of Reel History! In this episode we look back at our past season, answering listener questions and handing out the Mel Gibson Awards to the least historically accurate films. Michael and Jakob also face off in a historical quotes quiz (it’s tense, see image) and we celebrate the completion of this season with a mandatory g√Ęteau.

But besides looking to the past, we also look ahead…

As of TODAY we’re launching a Patreon where you can sign up for 2.50 EUR to get one (1) bonus episode per month. It will be quiet here on the main feed as we start producing season 4 but there will be a consistent stream of extra podcasts and updates available to you via our Patreon. If you decide to sign up, you’ll be helping us buy history books, audio equipment, train tickets and pints, all of which would be much appreciated and which would expedite our production of season 4.

So what do you get out of this? Well, we’re committed to producing the next season as quickly as possible so we won’t put out a plethora of bonus content but we’re committing to releasing one bonus episode per month between seasons. These will be things like:

  • Footnotes & Fancies: We explore Footnotes, where we expand on topic touched on in the main show but which we didn’t have time to properly get into, and Fancies, where we give updates on production, answer Patron questions, and get into various fanciful topics.
  • Top 5 History: We list out some of the greatest and worst people and achievements in history, answering questions like who were history’s top 5 emperors, pirates, scientists or martyrs?
  • Reel History After Dark: Come with us to the pub

We might add additional shows and tweak our Patreon concept based on listener interest, so if you do sign up, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think and what you’d like to hear from us. And, of course, if you’re not interested in the Patreon, just stay on this feed and you’ll have season 4 delivered in 2023! Until then you can hang out with us on Twitter @reel_history (if the platform still exists by the time you read this) and catch up on a whole host of other podcasts from the same crew over at!