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SWYK 004: Dungeons & Dragons Show Cancelled?

On this episode we discuss:


The Acolyte premiere episode is nearly upon us! Have the Star Wars live action shows been a great success? This also begs the question, what constitutes a successful streaming network.

300 prequel series has been announced with Zack Snyder potentially tapped to return and direct some episodes. Does the 300 brand still have the appeal for this to work?

City of God sequel series is set to premiere in August on MAX! Have you seen the epice crime film “Cidade de Deus” and are you excited for a sequel series releasing this summer?

Dungeons and Dragons live action series has been shelved by Paramount+ but don’t count this project out yet, which leads us to…


Jakob has been watching a lot of “actual play” podcasts but more specifically the Dropout TV show Dimension 20! Which launches Jakob down another rabbit hole of explaining the allure of these shows in this format.

Jim has been watching yet another horror TV show and this week it is the MAX Original slasher reboot of Pretty Little Liars, dubbed Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Has he seen the original show? Absolutely not, but he is all in on the horror reboot.

Rapid Fiver Top 5:

Everyone’s favorite bit is back! Jim and Jakob spin the wheel of TV categories and then have 30 seconds to quickly throw together a TOP 5, which they then must take to the grave. What is your TOP 5?!