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SWYK 005: The Acolyte Tyler Durden Theory

On this episode we discuss:

01:27 MAIL BAG: Rejoice! We have a listener email with a request related to last week’s discussion around Dungeons and Dragons podcasts. You can email us at


06:02 Hostel TV Series: we have a recent announcement that Paul Giamatti of all people has been attached to an announced Hostel TV series being developed by Eli Roth. Thoughts?

12:30 Tokyo Vice will not be returning after it’s recently completed second seasion. Could we see this show pop up on another network?

18:38 Man On Fire is yet another film/book to get the TV series make over with some casting announced for the main character John Creasy.


24:43 Jim has taken a rec from Jakob and has checked out an episode of’s Game Changers and he has thoughts! Does his reaction relate to the commonality of human behavior and wanting to belong?

33:37 Jakob has been watching the highly celebrated What We Do In The Shadows and has finally found the source for many a TikTok sound.

43:16 Jim can’t let an episode end without bringing up a reality show and this week he has tales of watching the new Netflix reality/love competition show Perfect Match! Let’s just say this show is way more complicated than you think.

Which leads us to:


Jim and Jakob have both checked out the first two episodes of the new Star Wars live action Disney+ show, The Acolyte. We discuss some general thoughts around the show, how it compares to other recent Star Wars offerings and the general culture around Star Wars


This is where we get into spoilers for the rest of the episode! If you don’t want any spoilers, TURN BACK NOW!