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SWYK 007: In Defense Of The Bear Binge

On this episode we discuss:

01:00 – Jim has an existential crisis over Jakob’s recommendation of the Dropout.TV game show Game Changer.


05:32 – Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 1 is almost upon us and there is a new trailer! Watch and react with Shows What You Know.

18:59 – Another Game Of Thrones spin off series is in production in Ireland. “A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms” is currently filming which is an adaptation of the novellas “Tales Of Dunk and Egg”

24:33 – To keep it in Ireland, “Derry Girls” creator Lisa McGee unveils the cast for her new Netflix thriller series “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast”.

28:14 – The previously announced “Harry Potter” series for HBO has found it’s showrunner and a major director as we start to get a feel for how this show will turn out.

33:59 – As AI continues to to haunt the Internet, NBC has announced that an AI Al Michaels will give a daily personalized breakdown of the Olympic games as they play out in Paris this summer.


40:50 – Jim has been watching the Vice docuseries “Who Killed WCW?” which delves into who is responsible for the demise of the major wrestling company WCW at the hands of WWE.


48:10 – Both Jim and Jakob have been watching “The Bear”. Jakob is a bit behind as he has caught up with Season 1 and half of Season 2. What caused this delay and what does he think so far?

55:10 – Jim makes a case for The Bear having a proper bing release rather than a week to week schedule.


1:03:54 – Jim and Jakob have more thoughts on “The Acolyte” as they are caught up through episode 6. Do they have as strong opinions as a lot of people online seem to have? Tune in to find out.