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Amazon Pilots – Jean-Claude Van Johnson, I Love Dick And The Tick


This week is a little different in the realm of “Shows What You Know”, as Jim and Jakob watch the latest pilot offerings from Amazon to give some thoughts and play studio executive and choose whether to greenlight any of these shows to series. There are three shows that Amazon is giving you the chance to vote for and see what they release as the next Amazon original. The choices are Jean-Claude Van Johnson, a meta take on the real life Jean-Claude Van Damme and his adventures as an undercover private contractor. I Love Dick, based on the feminist novel of the same name it follows the story of a struggling married couple and their obsession with a charismatic professor name Dick. And The Tick which takes place in a world where superheroes are just an everyday thing, an accountant with no powers finds himself in league with a strange, blue superhero.

Since this discussion focuses on pilot episodes, there is no “spoiler free” discussion, as these episodes serve as a jump off point for the series. So if you are weary of any plot details please watch the episodes and then come back and listen to the discussion!

Next time we’re talking Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 01-05, so if you have any thoughts on the discussed pilots or the first 5 episodes of Mr. Robot Season 2 then send them on over to

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Episodes discussed:

Amazon Pilot – Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Amazon Pilot – I Love Dick

Amazon Pilot – The Tick