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We back right in your face straight from the ‘hoods of Atlanta! Ok, not us physically but through the magic of TELEVISION. I know this is a bit of a late pass, but get used to it! After we were bombarded with Westworld we lost track of all kinds of other TV that has been attacking our senses. Now that the first season of Atlanta is long done, Shows What You Know is here to break it down and discuss it! So put on your seatbelt and get ready for a ride, Did Donald Glover nail it? Is this a TV version of his recent album? Is he a pretentious fucko? Find all this and more.

This episode is free of spoilers up until 19:15 and as we say there isn’t much to really be spoiled in this show but if you don’t want to know anything of the plot, stop there and then come back!

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Episodes discussed:

Atlanta S01E01 – “The Big Bang”

Atlanta S01E02 – “Streets On Lock”

Atlanta S01E03 – “Go For Broke”

Atlanta S01E04 – “The Streisand Effect”

Atlanta S01E05 – “Nobody Beats The Biebs”

Atlanta S01E06 – “Value”

Atlanta S01E07 – “B.A.N.”

Atlanta S01E08 – “The Club”

Atlanta S01E09 – “Juneteenth”

Atlanta S01E10 – “The Jacket”