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Three episodes left, three worlds to explore, three distinct ways to get sad about life. With one exception?? Yes, we’re talking about the final episodes of Black Mirror this season, and how the internet went nuts for them. Did we go nuts as well? Listen to find out.

This episode is free of spoilers up until 13:00 kinda. But we talk about episode 3 before that, so if you want something totally spoiler free you should check out our previous Black Mirror episode!

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Episodes discussed:

Black Mirror S03E01 – “Nosedive”

Black Mirror S03E02 – “Playtest”

Black Mirror S03E03 – “Shut Up And Dance”

Black Mirror S03E04 – “San Junipero”

Black Mirror S03E05 – “Men Against Fire”

Black Mirror S03E06 – “Hated In The Nation”