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Think about this, the technology that you are currently using to listen and subscribe to Shows What You Know could one day be part of your downfall! Don’t want to think about? Well you have no choice as we are back to discuss everyone’s favorite technology after school special: Black Mirror! Black Mirror is back with season 4 and what did everyone think about it!?

This episode is free of spoilers up until 16:00 kinda. But we talk about episode 3 before that, so if you want something totally spoiler free you should check out our previous Black Mirror episode!

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Episodes discussed:

Black Mirror S04E01 – “USS Callister”

Black Mirror S04E02 – “Arkangel”

Black Mirror S04E03 – “Crocodile”

Black Mirror S04E04 – “Hang The DJ”

Black Mirror S04E05 – “Metalhead”

Black Mirror S04E06 – “Black Museum”