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American Vandal

Who Is The Turd Burglar? | American Vandal Season 2 Breakdown and Review

The expectations were set pretty high after American Vandal Season 1, but the fear that Season 2 couldn’t possibly deliver was also high. American Vandal is back with a new mystery, as the Turd Burglar terrorizes the school of St. Bernadine with multiple shit attacks, Sam and Peter now with some newfound Netflix fame are…

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Best New Show of 2017 | American Vandal Review

American Vandal, the best new show of 2017, re-invents the mockumentary format and takes many a playful jab at the true crime genre, parodying Making a Murderer, Serial and the like. But loveable doofus Dylan and pitch perfect comedy turns a quest to find out who spraypainted dicks into a journey full of laughter, tension,…

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