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Castle Rock

Entering Castle Rock – S01E04 “The Box” Breakdown And Review

Welcome back to Castle Rock! The spookiest of all little podunk towns, where everyone has a mystery and everyone has a secret power so come a long for the ride as we try to piece together the mystery that unfolds before us! What’s your opinion? Email us at or tweet @showswhatuknow. Please subscribe and…

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Entering Castle Rock S01-03 “Severance”, “Habeas Corpus” & “Local Color”

Hulu dropped the first 3 episodes of the new Stephen King multiverse show “Castle Rock” and Jim and Jakob are here to break it down! Who is Henry Deaver and who is Nic Cage? (Not that Nic Cage) Just what is going on in this sleepy little town known as Castle Rock where death and…

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Castle Rock Trailer Breakdown and Reaction

Hey everyone, Jim checking in here with a breakdown and reaction to the upcoming Hulu J.J Abrams/Stephen King hybrid “Castle Rock”. This looks to be a good show for us to dive into with some week to week discussions and we will be handling that at “Entering Castle Rock“. The show described as delving into…

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