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SKAM vs SPUNG | Skam Season 1 Review

Have you seen SKAM yet? It’s the Norwegian teen drama from NRK that people can’t stop talking about! Whether you’re drooling over Noora’s lips and Isak’s bottom, or whether you’ve never heard of this NRK show, this is the video for you, giving an introduction and review of the first season. From a Swedish perspective…

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BETTY VERONICA FANFIC FUEL | Riverdale S01E03 “Body Double” Recap & Review

Riverdale is giving us Betty/Veronica Fanfiction fuel like crazy in episode 3, putting Betty in a bra and wig and Veronica in a swim suit. Impressive how they manage that while tackling Important Issues like #SlutShaming and #CyberBullying. Leave your Sugar Sugary feedback in comments and subscribe to stay up to date on RIVERDALE

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Tom Hardy Is Batman 1814? | Taboo Review Snippet

Tom Hardy has been gracing our television screens with his new show Taboo! The show was conceived by Tom Hardy and his Dad Chips Hardy, did they just make a gritty 1814 Batman? Full review coming soon:

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Riverdale Incest Theory | Riverdale S01E02 Recap & Review

This is a quick reaction and recap video of Riverdale S01E02: “A Touch of Evil”, in which Archie has a comically guilty conscience, Betty and Veronica do their obligatory fight & make up, while Betty and Cheryl Blossom go for make up & fight instead. Jughead is the only sane one and Mrs. Grundy is…

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Archie Gritty Reboot Gone Wrong? | Riverdale Review (The CW)

Gritty reboots have gone too far! Sexy Archie Comics blows the gritty reboot door off the hinges and opens us up for gritty Marmaduke and Garfield reboots – jokes are now REALITY! This is a snippet of our FULL RIVERDALE REVIEW , coming soon: (and we throw Pretty Little Liars under the bus too)…

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