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I’ve got a Westworld theory! Cowboy pardners Jakob and Jim delved deep into Westworld season 1, going episode-to-episode with jokes, songs and, of course, THEORIES. Rustle your cattle and giddy your ups because we’re heading back to Westworld for season two! Join the LIVE CHAT on Tuesdays at or send your thoughts and theories to and we’ll read them on the show!

Westworld S01E03: The Stray

Here is our discussion on episode three of Westworld! Which robot is gonna go crazy this week? Or hey maybe it’s a human going crazy, and aren’t we kinda all robots if you think about it and wow so many layers! Anyway, this was another great episode, let’s get into it. We spoil everything up…

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Westworld S01E02: Chestnut

It’s EPISODE TWO OF WESTWORLD and the questions keep piling up: What’s the maze? What’s Ford playing at? Will Maeve the get those numbers up? Why is William even friends with that guy?! Find out our thoughts and theories in this discussion of episode two of Westworld. There’s no spoiler-free section since we are going…

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Westworld S01E01: The Original

I know we said our next episode would be finishing up season 2 of Mr. Robot but before we get there, we are back with a breakdown of the first episode of new buzzed about HBO show Westworld! This show has the pressure of being the new Game of Thrones before Game Of Thrones is…

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