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Does American Gods Work Without The Book? | American Gods S01E01-03

Other reviews may break down the mythology behind the show, explaining every easter egg from Mad Sweeny’s coin collection to Bilquis the love god’s jewlery box, and origins of Mr. Wednesday, Czernobog and the rest! Here we focus on the quality of the show and ask – does Starz’s American Gods work without Neil Gaiman’s novel backing it up? To test this we have Jakob Burrows, Neil Gaiman super fan, and Jim Scampoli, who never read a Nocturne OR a Prelude!

This review marks a first in Shows What You Know history as we’ve often soured one another on different shows but, miraculously, over the course of an hour, we manage to turn Jim from an American Gods atheist to an American Gods agnostic – or more?

With two reviewers, one who read American Gods and one with no prior knowledge, we trade opinions on the first three episodes of the Starz show American Gods. This video contains NO BOOK SPOILERS and no spoilers at all for the first 19 minutes – then we get into the details of S01E01-03, which are the only ones currently out.

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Episodes discussed:

American Gods S01E01 – The Bone Orchard”

American Gods S01E02 – “The Secret of Spoons”

American Gods S01E03 – Head Full of Snow”