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Gilmore Girls Makes An Anticlimactic Announcement

Ok, well maybe if you are not in the United States and you are a GG fan this is a big deal, but to all of us normal folk we totally expected this to be a trailer for the upcoming Netflix episodes.

Now if you are super macho cool guy that is scoffing at this post right now thinking “Gilmore Girls? Isn’t that some CHICK SHOW?!”. Well first I will tell you that this is <current year> and people don’t think that way anymore, then I would tell you that you are really doing yourself a disservice by not watching this show. I guess the upside to this underwhelming response is that now you have no excuse not to watch and dream of one day living in Stars Hollow pining over bad boy Jess Mariano while dependable Dean worships the ground you walk on. Ok, ok, I am not helping my chick flick argument but just trust us ok!! You can even scoff and tell your friends “It has that fuck me Santa chick from Bad Santa so it’s ok”.

Also for future reference if I have a daughter I am naming her Lorelai