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House Of Cards Season 5 Episodes 1-5 Review

House Of Cards is back and ready to be binged! Already binged it? Well good for you, Jim and Jakob are only less than halfway through so don’t judge us! We are here to discuss those first 5 episodes as we want to savor this season and let it wash over us! Come along for the ride and laugh at us as we try to have fun with House Of Cards EVEN IN TRUMP’S AMERICA!

The discussion is spoiler free up until 14:30 if you want to get a general feeling on our thoughts on the show before checking it out.

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Episodes discussed:

House Of Cards S05E01 – “Chapter 53”

House Of Cards S05E02 – “Chapter 54”

House Of Cards S05E03 – “Chapter 55”

House Of Cards S05E04 – “Chapter 56”

House Of Cards S05E05 – “Chapter 57”