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How Will Better Call Saul End? | Better Call Saul S03E01-04

In our Better Call Saul Season 3 review, we ask – how will Better Call Saul end? It’s feeling more like a prequel as it closes in on Breaking Bad territory, and though we love it, we wonder where it will end. Will we see a black-and-white #Cinnabon Gene season? Will Walter White appear in Better Call Saul? How about Hank Schrader? Comparisons to Breaking Bad are unavoidable, even though clearly Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are doing something different this time. But wIll they be able to deliver another satisfying climax or are they too busy having Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring (two dead guys) duke it out? All this an more in our full Better Call Saul video review!

We haven’t done a FULL Better Call Saul review before so we have a lot of fun recapping and disucssing the first 2 seasons, which means this review is spoiler free for season 3 for the first 15:00 minutes – then we get into the details of Better Call Saul S03E01-04: Mabel, Witness, Sunk Costs and Sabrosito.

Only four episodes of Season 3 are out when we record this but we will return with more Better Call Saul discussions in the future and we’d love to include your opinions and thoughts, so please leave them in a comment or email us at

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Episodes discussed:

Better Call Saul S03E01 – “Mabel”

Better Call Saul S03E01 – “Witness”

Better Call Saul S03E01 – “Sunk Costs”

Better Call Saul S03E01 – “Sabrosito”