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Who watches the watchmen? No idea, but who LISTENS to the watchmen? THAT WOULD BE YOU. Welcome to the second episode of Shows What You Know, where new internet power couple Jim Scampoli / Jakob Burrows tackle the first five episodes of the supernatural horror show Outcast.

Haven’t watched Outcast? Don’t tune out yet, because the first half of the discussion is spoiler free, up until 22:45. Give this a listen and you’ll know if Outcast is a show for you!

Check out Stranger Things episodes 1-4 and you’ll be all set for our next podcast episode.

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Episodes discussed:

Outcast s01e01 – A Darkness Surrounds Him

Outcast s01e02 – (I Remember) When She Loved Me

Outcast s01e03 – All Alone Now

Outcast s01e04 – A Wrath Unseen

Outcast s01e05 – The Road Before Us