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Preacher-S1E01-06-wideFresh out the box, it is the first episode of Shows What You Know! Your hosts and heroes Jim Scampoli and Jakob Burrows discuss the first 6 episodes of the new AMC show Preacher. How does the show stack up to the graphic novel? Is this show the next AMC break out hit? Can Jim and Jakob defeat the dreaded 9 hour time difference? Find out all this and more!

Also of note the discussion is spoiler free up until the 19:20 mark!

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Episodes discussed:

Preacher s01e01 – Pilot

Preacher s01e02 – See

Preacher s01e03 – The Possibilities

Preacher s01e04 – Monster Swamp

Preacher s01e05 – The South Will Rise Again

Preacher s01e06 – Sundowner