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We’re happy to review season 2 of Preacher and the road trip we’ve been waiting for – the search for GOD is on the road! AreJesse Custer, Tulip and Cassidy up for the challenge? Is the love triangle believable and necessary? Is it REALLY possible to spend so much time bored in New Orleans?! All this in more in our full Preacher review.

Haven’t seen Season 2 of Preacher? No fear! Our discussion is spoiler free up until 16:40

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Episodes discussed:

PREACHER S02E01 – “On the Road”

PREACHER S02E02 – “Mumbai Sky Tower”

PREACHER S02E03 – “Damsels”

PREACHER S02E04 – “Viktor”

PREACHER S02E05 – “Dallas”

PREACHER S02E06 – “Sokosha”

PREACHER S02E07 – “Pig”

PREACHER S02E08 – “Holes”

PREACHER S02E09 – “Puzzle Piece”

PREACHER S02E10 – “Dirty Little Secret”

PREACHER S02E11 – “Backdoors”

PREACHER S02E12 – “On Your Knees”

PREACHER S02E13 – “The End Of The Road”