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SPACED Series 1 – Edgar Wright’s Film School

Jim and Jakob get together this week to look back on a classic show, SPACED. The Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes collaboration that has touched our hearts many times over! In addition to loving this show it was also recommended to us to be discussed from a review and you can do the same by reviewing us on iTunes and letting us know what show you would like to hear more about! We get into the legacy of the show, the style, the writing and all of the great stuff in between.

This discussion does not have a spoiler free session, we get right into the full breakdown of Season 1 of Spaced.

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Episodes discussed:

SPACED S01E01 – “Beginnings”

SPACED S01E02 – “Gatherings”

SPACED S01E03 – “Art”

SPACED S01E04 – “Battles”

SPACED S01E05 – “Chaos”

SPACED S01E06 – “Epiphanies”

SPACED S01E07 – “Ends”