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Aubrey Plaza

Steampunk Pokeball | Legion Chapter 8 Reaction and Review

We did it! We made it to the end of the first season of Legion! It is quite an accomplishment, but was it all worth it? Did we have casualties along the way? Did Noah Hawley deliver a satisfying conclusion? What did the stars say? All this and more in our reaction and review of…

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Legion, Why Won’t You Let Us Love You? | Legion S01E05 Review

In the Legion White Room of episode 5 we’re presented with a real mind f*ck (literally), as David and Syd get it on in VR, simulated reality, David’s brain, blue room – call it what you will! We call it a big pile of make-’em-ups. The characters are an episode behind the viewers, dulling the…

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Golem Theory | Legion S01E03 Chapter 3 Review & Discussion

Reviewing Legion episode 3 (Chapter 3?!) leaves us with a lot of questions – is Syd real or a Golem #GolemTheory? Is the “Legion fat guy” actually from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or is he actually the fat bastard from Austin Powers? Will we ever get out of David’s head and when – not if…

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The Hero We Deserve | Legion S01E01 Revew

Legion is not the X-Men TV show we deserve but the X-men TV show we need! Legion on FX is the most crazy, inventive and exciting superhero show in ages, and despite our caution and Mass Effect jokes, we’re here to geek out over cool camera tricks and unreliable narrators. Leave your Legion comments and…

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