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Sopranos Sitdown S03E03 – “Fortunate Son” – Cut To Black

After getting some things out of the way in episodes 1 and 2, The Sopranos S03E03 “Fortunate Son” revs the psychological engine and gets the season started! What’s your opinion? Email us at or tweet @showswhatuknow. Please subscribe and review on iTunes and remember to spread the word to your Sopranos-loving friends – or maybe…

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The Good Place Season 1 & 2

Let’s talk about The Good Place! It’s a good show for good boys like us. The Good Place is Good. So the title says season 1 & 2 but we actually talk about ALL of season 1 and then HALF of season 2, up until their winter hiatus – S02E08. Send your feedback to…

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Best New Show of 2017 | American Vandal Review

American Vandal, the best new show of 2017, re-invents the mockumentary format and takes many a playful jab at the true crime genre, parodying Making a Murderer, Serial and the like. But loveable doofus Dylan and pitch perfect comedy turns a quest to find out who spraypainted dicks into a journey full of laughter, tension,…

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The Deuce S01E01 – Is it on The Wire’s Level?

Our review of The Deuce (HBO) S01E01 – how’s James Franco holding up? Is it anything like The Wire? New hit show or will this be one of the well-crafted but easily forgotten ones? All this and more in our review and discussion of The Duece from David Simon and George Pelecanos! Subscribe to our…

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