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legion x-men show

Frizzy Top | Legion S01E04 Reaction & Review

Back again with CHAPTER 4 of Legion!¬†Will this roller coaster ride known as Legion ever stop climbing and get to the first drop!? Is this the week? Does this show crossover with The OA? Is it Mojo or the Shadow King? Is it Benny or Lenny? And finally do we care about Carey/Kerry? Find out…

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The Hero We Deserve | Legion S01E01 Revew

Legion is not the X-Men TV show we deserve but the X-men TV show we need! Legion on FX is the most crazy, inventive and exciting superhero show in ages, and despite our caution and Mass Effect jokes, we’re here to geek out over cool camera tricks and unreliable narrators. Leave your Legion comments and…

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