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Legion, Why Won’t You Let Us Love You? | Legion S01E05 Review

In the Legion White Room of episode 5 we’re presented with a real mind f*ck (literally), as David and Syd get it on in VR, simulated reality, David’s brain, blue room – call it what you will! We call it a big pile of make-’em-ups. The characters are an episode behind the viewers, dulling the…

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Golem Theory | Legion S01E03 Chapter 3 Review & Discussion

Reviewing Legion episode 3 (Chapter 3?!) leaves us with a lot of questions – is Syd real or a Golem #GolemTheory? Is the “Legion fat guy” actually from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or is he actually the fat bastard from Austin Powers? Will we ever get out of David’s head and when – not if…

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Steven Universe Season 1

Another love letter takes shape as we delve into the wonderful world of Steven Universe, full of magical dances and gemstone bellybuttons! DON’T TUNE OUT YET, I CONVINCED JIM AND I’LL CONVINCE YOU TOO. This time we’re just talking about season 1, and there’s no hard spoilers; you should be okay to listen to all of this…

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