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Steven-Universe-S01-wideAnother love letter takes shape as we delve into the wonderful world of Steven Universe, full of magical dances and gemstone bellybuttons! DON’T TUNE OUT YET, I CONVINCED JIM AND I’LL CONVINCE YOU TOO. This time we’re just talking about season 1, and there’s no hard spoilers; you should be okay to listen to all of this even if you haven’t seen Steven Universe.

We’ll be getting into season 2 and beyond in the future, so if you have opinions on Steven Universe, please email us at

Next time we’re talking about episodes 6–10 of Outcast, so catch up on that if you want to participate in the spoiler talk!

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For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and Them for more from Jakob Burrows check out Awesomepedia. We discuss the whole season but these are the episodes we go into more detail on:

S01E01 – Gem Glow

S01E03 – Cheeseburger Backpack

S01E05 – Frybo

S01E06 – Cat Fingers

S01E12 – Giant Woman

S01E22 – Steven and the Stevens

S01E23 – Monster Buddies

S01E25-26 – Mirror Gem / Ocean Gem

S01E28 – Space Race

S01E37 – Alone Together

S01E40 – On the Run

S01E46 – Open Book

S01E51-52 – The Return / Jail Break

S02E01 – Full Disclosure