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This episode we GET DOWN with Netflix’s new original series from auteur Baz Luhrmann, aptly titled “The Get Down”. Does the show hit the mark? Is this just the “Glee version” of the birth of hip hop? Does it live up to the rumored over budget troubles? Is Netflix tapping into our wants and controlling our minds? Find out all this and more in this new episode of SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW.

This discussion has no spoilers up until 34:20 if you are just interested in our general thoughts on the show before diving in!

Next time we’re talking about Amazon’s recent pilot season, featuring the pilots for Jean-Claude Van Johnson, The Tick and I Love Dick, so watch those pilots to join in on our discussion! Send your opinions on The Get Down or the new Amazon Pilot Season to

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Episodes discussed:

The Get Down s01e01 – “Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure”

The Get Down s01e02 – “Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames”

The Get Down s01e03 – “Darkness Is Your Candle”

The Get Down s01e04 – “Forget Safety, Be Notorious”

The Get Down s01e05 – “You Have Wings, Learn to Fly”

The Get Down s01e06 – “Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice”