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We are back covering the second half of Season 1 of The Get Down. Did this show lose all of it’s hype? Did it crumble under budget constraints and lack of vision? Did it deliver on the promise of the first half? Will Books and Shaolin fall in love? All this and more in our discussion of The Get Down Part II!

This discussion has no spoilers up until 18:55 if you are just interested in our general thoughts on the show before diving in!

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Episodes discussed:

The Get Down s01e07 – “Unfold Your Own Myth”

The Get Down s01e08 – “The Beat Says, This Is The Way”

The Get Down s01e09 – “One By One, Into The Dark”

The Get Down s01e10 – “Gamble Everything”

The Get Down s01e11 – “Only From Exile Can We Come Home”