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This week we sit down and discuss the first 3 episodes of Fargo Season 3! We ask – Is Noah Hawley dead to us? How do the references to Coen Bros play? Have Ray and Nikki found true love? Does the function of automatic doors require you to have a soul? And who doesn’t love when criminals are really dumb and cause a chain reaction of unfortunate events!?

We start out with some general thoughts on the show Fargo, and Noah Hawley, which means this review is spoiler free for season 3 for the first 15:00 minutes

At the time of this recording only 3 episodes of season 3 had been released so that is the focus of the discussion. If you are watching along you can drop use a line as we’d love to include your opinions and thoughts, so please leave them in a comment or email us at

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Episodes discussed:

Fargo S03E01 – “The Law Of Vacant Places”

Fargo S03E02 – “The Principal Of Restricted Choice”

Fargo S03E03 – “The Law Of Non-Contradiction”