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We are back with the latest of late passes as we finally deliver on our second half of our Vice Principals discussion. That’s right we finally discuss episodes 5 through 9 of a show you completely forgot existed! But fret not! Even if you forgot about it, this show is worth your time! It is even more worth your time if you watched the episodes. Find out our thoughts on the latest from Danny McBride and Jody Hill.

This discussion is spoiler free for episodes 5-9 up until 18:00 

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Episodes discussed:

Vice Principals s01e01 – “The Principal

Vice Principals s01e02 – “A Trusty Steed

Vice Principals s01e03 – “The Field Trip

Vice Principals s01e04 – “Run for the Money

Vice Principals s01e05 – “Circles

Vice Principals s01e06 – “The Foundation Of Learning

Vice Principals s01e07 – “The Good Book

Vice Principals s01e08 – “Gin

Vice Principals s01e09 – “End Of The Line