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We are back at it again with a discussion on the latest episode of Westworld! We discuss episode 4 and after the discussion we talk a little bit about some of the bigger theories floating around the Internet. Is this robot revolution still brewing and bubbling just below the surface? Can we give peace a chance? Will we ever get to this secret maze that everyone seems to know about? Will there be a talking donkey? All this and more in the latest discussion from Shows What You Know!

We spoil everything up until S01E04 of Westworld but nothing beyond that. If you have opinions on Westworld, please send them to and we’ll read them on an upcoming episode.

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Episodes discussed:

Westworld s01e01 – “The Original”

Westworld s01e02 – “Chestnut”

Westworld s01e03 – “The Stray”

Westworld s01e04 – “Dissonance Theory”